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Birth is the Essence of Evolution

The Gift of a sacred birth fosters peace in our babies, ourselves, our community, and our planet.

We provide and  support all Families, all racial and ethnicity, religions, and different cultural beliefs.  LGBTQ, Teens, VBAC, First time Mothers, Single Mothers, Partners or any birthing family experience that is your choice.  Returning birth back to families bringing forth life with dignity and grace will allow birth to evolve freely, and gracefully, to its natural conclusion. In doing so each of us- mother, father, baby, midwife and doula unfolds as a more whole and loving family unit. The privilege to attend women and families in birth requires commitment and dedication to a lifestyle that embraces a desire to pursue the sacred, generous, compassion, noble, loving, and honorable practice. The continuous and respectful  traditional ways of the Granny Midwives to serve families, remembering their ways that served families for centuries, comes the ability to practice Midwifery with an appropriate balance of intuition and skills , medical knowledge, and training.

From this perspective all else flows.

My path is truly a blessed journey.

I am honored to be with beautiful families that trust me in their homes and  lives. I am forever grateful.

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